How To Coach Yourself Through A Rough Day

With Haesun Moon (Director, Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching) and Annina Schmid (Feminist Counsellor) 



  • How to coach yourself through a rough day in three simple steps
  • How to refocus on what matters most 
  • How to become a better listener (and person!)

Whether at home or at work, we all feel defeated and hopeless at times. Watch this exclusive, free webinar to learn from Haesun Moon, one of Canada's most sought-after coaches, how to coach yourself through a rough day in three easy steps.

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About Your Presenters

As one of Canada`s leading educators and advocates for Solution Focused Brief Coaching, Haesun Moon teaches locally and internationally working with senior managers and executive level leaders on a broad range of organizational topics including change management, performance evaluation, and strategic thinking. 

Creating small shifts in dialogues at work, at school, and at home to bring about positive changes in people through intentional use of language is Haesun’s area of expertise and passion, and she contributes by research, facilitation, and coaching. 

She is Director of the Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching and also Program Director of the Solution Focused Brief Coaching Program at the University of Toronto.

Annina Schmid (M.A.) is a feminist substance use counsellor in Toronto who specializes in helping people recover from disordered eating and binge drinking.

As one of Haesun's students, Annina is forever grateful for the positive change she has come to experience in her professional and personal lives thanks to Haesun's methods and teachings.

Most recently, Annina was awarded the Online Addiction Medicine Diploma by the British Columbia Centre On Substance Use. Previously, she has completed the Addictions Careworker Diploma at McMaster University and has trained as Restorative Yoga teacher (Octopus Garden Yoga) and Preventive Care Practitioner (SGD Darmstadt).

Haesun Moon Director, Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching

Annina Schmid Feminist Counsellor