Managing The Unmanageable: How To Converse With Anyone Based On Current Neuroscience

With Patrizia Kohly (Solution-Focused Coach) and Annina Schmid (Feminist Counsellor) 


  • The basics of solution-focused dialogue
  • How to use David Rock's SCARF model in conversations with hard to reach people
  • Five key questions to ask yourself before starting ANY conversation
  • The three steps to more effective conversations

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About Your Presenters

Patrizia Kohly is a Solution-Focused Coach and Facilitator who specializes in executive coaching, behavioural neuroscience and anti-bullying.  

With a previous career in finance and as a mother of three children under the age of six, Patrizia knows how to engage and converse effectively with opinionated and demanding people. She works closely with educators and parents using solution-focused coaching approaches.  

Patrizia received her coach training at the University of Toronto and later joined the Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching as an Associate Faculty Member in 2016. She is an Accredited Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation.

Annina Schmid (M.A.) is a feminist substance use counsellor who specializes in helping parents of highly dependent adult children reclaim their lives.

Annina has successfully worked with "hopeless" young adults who "failed to launch" and their parents. Annina sees clients based out of her office in Toronto, Canada, but also remotely worldwide.

Most recently, Annina was awarded the Online Addiction Medicine Diploma by the British Columbia Centre On Substance Use. Previously, she has completed the Addictions Careworker Diploma at McMaster University and has trained as Restorative Yoga teacher (Octopus Garden Yoga) and Preventive Care Practitioner (SGD Darmstadt).

Annina Schmid Counselling

Patrizia Kohly Solution-Focused Coach

Annina Schmid Feminist Counsellor