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Whether or not sobriety is right for you as a lifestyle.

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How to quit drinking for good.

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How to navigate difficult situations with colleagues and friends who still drink.

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Kate Bee

Kate Bee is the founder of The Sober School, a website dedicated to helping women navigate sobriety without feeling deprived or miserable. 

The Sober School provides modern, inspiring and accessible support for high-functioning women who are fed up with drinking too much. 

Kate's mission is to remove the stigma, misinformation and fear that surrounds addiction. Her work is informed by her own struggle with alcohol and her determination to recover outside of AA and the 12-step system.  

Kate drew on her own experience to create an online coaching programme, Getting Unstuck. The course helps women understand why they really drink, so they can change their relationship with alcohol for good.  

Kate lives near Manchester in the UK.  

Annina Schmid (MA, OACCPP, CCPA, CACCF)

Annina Schmid is a feminist counsellor who helps women recover from drinking, using, and disordered eating. 

She employs Positive Psychology and Solution Focused Brief Therapy to support and empower her clients in making lasting life changes. 

Annina works from a strengths-based harm reduction approach that is embedded in a Health at Every Size® philosophy and supported by Intuitive Eating strategies. 

Previous to becoming a substance use counsellor, Annina has trained as Preventive Care Practitioner and Restorative Yoga Teacher.

She works with all genders and people on the LGBTTIQQ+ spectrum.