How To Work Through Grief (Without Drinking Or Using)

With Jordan Topp (Mediator and Counsellor) and Annina Schmid (Feminist Counsellor) 



  • How to redefine grief
  • How to utilize the power of awareness and cultivate compassion
  • Coping strategies that work

If you've ever lost a loved one, a pet, or had to process another type of grief, such as a divorce or a job loss, this exclusive, free webinar will be useful for you. Learn from Jordan Topp, grief counsellor and mediator, and Annina Schmid, feminist counsellor, how to work through your grief (without drinking or using).

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About Your Presenters

Jordan Topp (MSW, RSW) is a family mediator specializing in parenting, custody and access. She is a counsellor passionate about supporting people through grief and life transitions, and teaches mindfulness meditation.  

Jordan graduated from McGill University in 2006 with a joint master’s degree in social work and bachelor's degree in law. She is an Accredited Family Mediator with the Ontario Association for Family Mediation, and a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. Jordan is also a trained mindfulness meditation facilitator.  

Jordan has over fifteen years experience in the law and social work fields. 

Annina Schmid (M.A.) is a feminist substance use counsellor in Toronto who specializes in helping people recover from disordered eating and binge drinking. 

In her work, Annina utilizes solution focused dialogue to orient clients towards their preferred future. 

Most recently, Annina was awarded the Online Addiction Medicine Diploma by the British Columbia Centre On Substance Use. Previously, she has completed the Addictions Careworker Diploma at McMaster University and has trained as Restorative Yoga teacher (Octopus Garden Yoga) and Preventive Care Practitioner (SGD Darmstadt).

Jordan Topp Mediator and Counsellor

Annina Schmid Feminist Counsellor